Book review: ‘Wie wind zaait’ by Nele Neuhaus. Aussi en français.

Hello to all,

This is short book review of ‘Wie wind zaait’ of Nele Neuhaus, the dutch version.

For our french readers: en français, le nom du livre est ‘Vent de sang’ édité par Actes Sud. For our German readers: it is called ‘Wer Wind sät’. I did not find yet an english translation. All Nele Neuhaus books can be found in bookshops in many countries, or on the website of Actes sud, Amazon Germany, Amazon Uk or for dutch versions.

This specific book ‘Wie wind zaait’ is the third book translated into Dutch about the colleagues at the police department K11 in mid-Germany: Pia Kirchhof and Oliver Von Bodenstein. The series has in Germany already 6 different books and the translation into Dutch is not in the same order as she wrote the books.

The book can be described as a thriller. It has multiple story lines, although the main story is related to the installation of wind turbines in a forest and residential area in Germany and the acceptance of the local population. A realistic theme nowadays, in close coordination with described climate issues. Next to that, there are several implications of the people involved including as most important the search of the murderer of the guardian of the wind turbines main offices and the murder of a close friend of the family Von Bodenstein.

The stories are well told and the characters are realistic. It may a bit difficult for some readers to understand the various characters as there are many people involved. However, Nele Neuhaus was able to present many surprises in the book and the 478 pages became fast page-turners for me.

I’ve read all 3 dutch translated books, and sofar, I found this book the best of the three. The other 2 books, ‘Diepe wonden’ and ‘Sneeuwwitje moet sterven’ were also good, but I found them a little less well written compared to this one. Nele Neuhaus also writes children books, and next year she will publish a different kind of book under her maiden name.

The last months I read many books, these days often described as ‘literary thriller’ or ‘psychological thriller’. This book, ‘wie wind zaait’, was again an old-fashioned normal written thriller. As they say in Dutch, this was ‘gewoon een lekker boek‘.

For me personally, I hope that her other 3 thrillers are also translated into Dutch as soon as possible. If you wish to read a good thriller during the christmas period, I definitely advise this book.

Take care, and have a good read,


Wie wind zaait

Vent de sang

Wer Wind sät