The Octyx 2016 story – 1 – The overview

firebrickred - 64-64 roundedHello, this blog is the master blog explaining in detail all the ideas and developments I had to do for the 2016 version of Octyx.

As you may know, Octyx is, and since 2004 already, a large software package on Windows, written in Delphi, and targeting people wanting to manage private collections (such as books, music, stamps, etc), and to manage their documents and passwords. Many functions are available for a very straightforward and very low price : only 10 EUR (ex VAT) for unlimited usage, and 3 years of free upgrades.

I say simply : Octyx manages your life.

The 2016 version has several major improvements, such as the management of medications, a new Romanian language, and, most important, a new mobile iOS application for all current iPhones.

I will try to highlight all the challenges, and to-do’s, I had from the first ideas end of 2014 till the official release on April 30, 2016. All specific elements are available in separate ‘sub-blogs’ which can be read independent of each other.

The blogs cover the following elements:

  1. The overview (this blog)
  2. Why I am working on Octyx
  3. My dev (development) environments
  4. The new medications solution in Octyx
  5. The languages in Octyx
  6. The mobile data in the cloud
  7. The preparation of the mobile application in my Windows application
  8. The mobile iOS application and the Apple application process
  9. The Octyx website
  10. Signing my Octyx application
  11. What does it cost ?
  12. The Go-Live
  13. What’s up next ?

My Octyx website can be found here, while the Octyx application on the iOS App Store can be found at this link. All further detailed info can be found in the sub blogs.

This blog will document my own work, will help IT people to understand challenges and possibilities, and show to interested people what all has to be done.

You will see many links to providers, blogs, websites, etc. This blog is ment to be a sort of documentation center for all my Octyx developments. You find solutions, answers, and you may have questions (if this is the case, just send me a question, so I can try to answer).

But it especially shows that everything can be done if you want it. Almost everything is possible as long if you are persistent, and if you make time to do so.

I did all these developments next to my daily work, so often on late evenings, nights and weekends. I want to really thank my wife for her patience and support.

I trust you have a good read and I will be pleased with your feedback.

Bas Eshuis, Belgium.

April 30, 2016



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