The Octyx 2016 story – 11 – What does it cost ?

firebrickred - 64-64 roundedHello, this blog is part 11 of the series ‘The Octyx 2016 Story’. See for the overview (part 1), full background and a list all related blogs the link here.

This specific blog describes in more detail how much it all costs to build the Octyx applications.

As you may know, I only ask 10 Euro as a cost for Octyx (way to cheap, but private people are not used anymore to pay for software). At this moment, it clearly does not cover all my main direct costs, and where my own time is free of charge:

  • Cost to buy Delphi ‘one-off costs’
  • Yearly subscription cost for Delphi
  • TMS Software modules
  • Code-signing (every year)
  • WebPlus X8 for development
  • Installshield – cost to buy, and to maintain
  • Apple yearly developer costs
  • Mac and PC costs

So what does this all together cost on a yearly basis ? After having calculated all fees, and amortised over the years (hardware – 5 years, software e- 3 years, subscription – yearly), the result is about 3000 EUR a year.

I sell the Octyx program at 10 EUR, of which a part goes to ShareIt (as a seller). My net result per license sold is about 7 EUR. As a license is valid for 3 years at least, I need to sell about 425 Octyx licenses every year to start making some profit.

It would be very nice to sell so many licenses. The reality is, until now, somewhat different. I did sell some licenses of course, but not as much as over 400 a year. Which leads to the simple conclusion that Octyx is an interesting hobby, like for other people golfing, travelling,  fishing, or any other personal hobby you may have.

But I like to see how Octyx develops, and how users react. That is my main driver. And if cost more than it will bring in return, that’s the price of having a hobby.

Enjoy the Octyx blogs, and take care. Go back here to the overview. Octyx manages your life!

Bas Eshuis, Belgium.

April 30, 2016


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