The Octyx 2016 story – 2 – Why I work on Octyx

firebrickred - 64-64 roundedHello, this blog is part 2 of the series ‘The Octyx 2016 Story’. See for the overview (part 1), full background and a list all related blogs the link here.

This specific blog describes in more detail why I work on Octyx since 2004. It started as ‘Avignon Concept’, but I changed the name some years ago to Octyx (as I had 8 different options for my customers to offer).

I started to have end of 2003 a large collection of books, and, that time at least, a lot of music CD’s. Besides, as I lived in several countries and travel a lot, I had to manage any documents with passwords and specific dates. An example: I had to change my passport three months before renewal, and I needed a tool to remember me on this.

In the years after, I had to manage many passwords for different internet or local systems, which, as you all know, have to be changed every 3 or 6 months. I was a heavy user of Microsoft Money since the 90’s to manage my bank accounts, but Microsoft decided to stop developing this solution. So I built one of my own.

And last year I decided to add for example medications as I had to take some medications on a regular basis, and I sometimes forgot to take them on time. This is now solved with Octyx 2016. See below for an overview of the main menu.


Octyx is today available in 11 languages. Why ? For 2 reasons: one of them is that I wanted to understand how this could work (it is a hobby), and secondly because I wanted the solution to be available for more people. And I have to chance to speak quite well 4 languages, and to understand several others. Many people helped me with the translations, and I thank them a lot for their help.

I started with sharing the program first as ‘shareware’, and since 2009 I decided to take a step further to sell the program. Which, as you can read later, gave some extra complications as I had to create a small company.

Thus many evolutions in already more than 12 years. Most of this was done in weekends, evenings, nights and holidays. My wife, which I thank for her great support, had a lot of ‘competition’ the last 10 years.

So why do I do this ? My main driver is that I want to see, feel and check how many things can be done by one person in IT. Because I designed and developed the database, the screens, the security, the website, the integrations with Google, Apple and many other internet solutions, the testing, and so much more.

I learned that many things can be done if you want to. Thanks to Internet, forums, and other supporting people, I learn every day something new. And it is not finished yet.

As conclusion I use the phrase Apple used some years ago on their Apple TV: it is just a hobby, but clearly a very interesting hobby. It doesn’t make me rich (in money terms), but it definitely enriched my life.

Enjoy the Octyx blogs, and take care. Go back here to the overview. Octyx manages your life!

Bas Eshuis, Belgium.

April 30, 2016



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