The Octyx 2016 story – 4 – The new medications solution in Octyx

firebrickred - 64-64 roundedHello, this blog is part 4 of the series ‘The Octyx 2016 Story’. See for the overview (part 1), full background and a list all related blogs the link here.

This specific blog describes in more detail the new functionality ‘Medications’ in Octyx 2016. This item was developed as I had to take at a certain time several medications, and I sometimes forgot to take them on time.

The solution available today in Octyx 2016 allows for entering your prescriptions, add all the details about the medications, and especially gives begin and end dates plus a flexible information and reminders when you have to take them.

In the Windows solution you will see a popup, while in the Apple iOS solution you will get notified, even if you not active in the solution. By the way, the target is also to get this working on the Apple Watch in the near future.


Medications are to be entered via the prescription of your doctor. The application allows maximum 10 medications per subscription. The system keeps a history of past medications for faster entering.

You can add information on the doctor, on the medication, and how and when to take. Finally the system allows you to see on another screen all the history of your prescriptions and medications. Several reports are available as usual to indicate for how much time you need to take this medication.

After saving, you can review the entered data:


You can see on another screen all the history of your prescriptions and medications. Several reports are available as usual.


And finally you can see all medications for today and the next days, which can be filtered by user.


The system keeps track of dates and notifies you. On Windows, a background service notifies you also when Octyx is not running. Medications are automatically moved to an archive after their respective end dates. The multiple available reports help you to find all actual, and historical, items easily.

A great solution for many people helping you everyday. And especially, since Octyx 2016, this is also available on your Apple iPhone. See for more details one of the other blogs in this series.

For the technical people: I added various new tables and indexes to the database. In total the database has now more than 120 tables. On top, I added several fields and texts for all 11 languages. Finally, I added several new reports to the solution which can be run, and exported to PDF, Excel and HTML.

Enjoy the Octyx blogs, and take care. Go back here to the overview. Octyx manages your life!

Bas Eshuis, Belgium.

April 30, 2016


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