The Octyx 2016 story – 9 – The Octyx website

firebrickred - 64-64 roundedHello, this blog is part 9 of the series ‘The Octyx 2016 Story’. See for the overview (part 1), full background and a list all related blogs the link here.

This specific blog describes in more detail the the Octyx website.

The Octyx web site is available in 3 languages. It includes details of the various elements available in Octyx, it includes a ‘Download‘ section, and a ‘Buy‘ section. Next to this, a full featured Help function exists to give users the complete information on the tool and the usage.


Some particular elements regarding the website are :

  • For the Octyx 2016 version, I re-built all help images. The help images show the full program in various chapters, and it is important to show the real screens.
  • I also re-built the color scheme and updated the look and feel. Which is now fully in line with the color set used in both the Windows and iOS applications.
  • Each of the 3 languages has its own menus and settings, which can be reached from the applications directly from the chosen language.

I use as development tool for the website the WebPlus X8 package from Serif. As said earlier, it is a good tool and not expensive. It is relatively easy to view and change texts across the website, which is useful in case of any changes.

In WebPlus, I had to define the size of my pages. I decided to stay on relatively small width pages (always possible to change in the future). I use 3 headers (for each language one), and add the individual pages. Due to the fact that from the Octyx program several like exist to the ‘old’ website, I did not modify the page names.

As you know, to have a website, one has to ensure two things:

  • Define and reserve an URL: I created and reserved the URL (‘’) some years ago, and renew it regularly.
  • And a technical environment where to host physically the website and its data.

Since 2016, both are now located together at a secure provider in France. Secure and fast.

Next to adding the new functionalities, all web pages have been improved and updated. I add finally also the new download links to the 2016 application.

A specific activity was to update the e-commerce websites. As written before, I use MyCommerce-ShareIt as provider; they have a very good dashboard in which you can define icons, texts in many languages (I use the same 11 as in Octyx), and prepare all elements to link their site into my webpages.

Enjoy the Octyx blogs, and take care. Go back here to the overview. Octyx manages your life!

Bas Eshuis, Belgium.

April 30, 2016





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