Flash Mobs


Welcome back to my blog. Instead of writing ‘boring’ IT stuff as I did some weeks ago, today I propose to you something completely different.

At the end of the season, everybody starts to think of the upcoming summer break. Too much work, too much rain (or too much sun maybe). And what’s better to celebrate a summer break with some nice music surprises. My personal favourites are the so-called flashmobs.

Flashmobs are defined, according to Wikipedia, as a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a short time. Today I will focus on musical flashmobs.

My favourites are the flashmobs with real music and small orchestras. But you will see also some surprising ones. I selected 10 of them, but off course you can always go to Google and YouTube, and search for flashmob.

Click on the links, take your time and enjoy.

  1. Vietnames : based on Avinci ‘Wake Me up’ : nice music and a flash of Ha-Noi : Listen and see it here on Youtube. This one I like most.
  2. Spain Catalonia: in the beginning of the evening. It starts with 1 musician and it ends with many more. Click here.
  3. Another flashmob in Spain : I like this one in the library : check it here.
  4. From Sydney in Australia an Irish surprise. Enjoy it here.
  5. And from Ireland: a short one, but nice. Click here.
  6. From Austria, in Vienna Central Station : listen here.
  7. And from Argentina also a nice part of Verdi: check here.
  8. In Holland, a bit shorter as usual, but focusing on an event : see it here.
  9. From Moscow in the winter, it helps to warm you up: click here.
  10. And the last in the list is from Belgium. Searching for Maria in Antwerp Central station with music and dance : click here.

And as extra the Bolero song, again from Spain. A nice one to listen too in the evening: click here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog,

Take care, and have good holidays,



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