Octyx 2018


After some months of development, the latest version of Octyx, Octyx 2018, is released today.

As you know, Octyx manages your Books, Songs, Movies, Components, Wines, Stamps and Contacts. It has also a very complete personal Document manager, a Password manager, a To-do manager and extensive Calendar and Planning functions. On top of these functions, Octyx also delivers a Money manager enabling you to handle your bank accounts.

The latest version is Octyx 2018, version 18.180414, released April 14, 2018. Our software is downloaded by more than 100.000 happy users across the world. Check here what is new!

At the same time, the latest iOS mobile App is also released. The latest version 4.0.0 can now be downloaded on your iPhone via the Apple App Store (see here). We added various smaller functionalities and corrected some small bugs. More information on the iOS mobile App can also be found here.

Everything is developed with the latest versions of RAD Studio and Delphi (10.2.3). As you know, I use Delphi as a programming language since 1995. And it is constantly being updated.

I trust you will find the new functionalities and updates interesting and useful. Especially the management of documents and passwords in a secure way is extremely important these days. You own your data. Check it all out on our improved website.

Take care,


April 14, 2018



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