Flash Mobs


Welcome back to my blog. Instead of writing ‘boring’ IT stuff as I did some weeks ago, today I propose to you something completely different.

At the end of the season, everybody starts to think of the upcoming summer break. Too much work, too much rain (or too much sun maybe). And what’s better to celebrate a summer break with some nice music surprises. My personal favourites are the so-called flashmobs.

Flashmobs are defined, according to Wikipedia, as a group of people who assemble suddenly in a public place, perform an unusual act for a short time. Today I will focus on musical flashmobs.

My favourites are the flashmobs with real music and small orchestras. But you will see also some surprising ones. I selected 10 of them, but off course you can always go to Google and YouTube, and search for flashmob.

Click on the links, take your time and enjoy.

  1. Vietnames : based on Avinci ‘Wake Me up’ : nice music and a flash of Ha-Noi : Listen and see it here on Youtube. This one I like most.
  2. Spain Catalonia: in the beginning of the evening. It starts with 1 musician and it ends with many more. Click here.
  3. Another flashmob in Spain : I like this one in the library : check it here.
  4. From Sydney in Australia an Irish surprise. Enjoy it here.
  5. And from Ireland: a short one, but nice. Click here.
  6. From Austria, in Vienna Central Station : listen here.
  7. And from Argentina also a nice part of Verdi: check here.
  8. In Holland, a bit shorter as usual, but focusing on an event : see it here.
  9. From Moscow in the winter, it helps to warm you up: click here.
  10. And the last in the list is from Belgium. Searching for Maria in Antwerp Central station with music and dance : click here.

And as extra the Bolero song, again from Spain. A nice one to listen too in the evening: click here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed this blog,

Take care, and have good holidays,



Doing nothing? Also not so easy in 2014.

Hello to all,

As I wrote in one of my first blogs, doing nothing is fairly impossible for me. I am really not good at it, although there is progress :-).

While it is still Christmas over here in Belgium, I finished my travel blog, I continue to read my tramway and train books I received for Christmas, I need to clean my car, I want to read and write on IT in 2014, I just finished again a good book, and I want to listen to the Top 2000 on the Radio. A cool day, in fact.


First of all, I just finalized my last blog post on the preparation of my trip to Australia. Only 1 week left from my departure. Just done, check it out here.


I just read ‘Trams 2014‘, the yearly book on tramways. Europe is mostly described and sometimes also other parts of the world. The book is published since 1979, so 35 years of history on my bookshelf on tramways. I really appreciate the editor, Alk Uitgeverij  in The Netherlands for their support. Fantastic books for a reasonable price. And tramways in Europe are still going strong; much better than 35 years ago, especially in France.

I also just started to read the ‘Spoorwegen 2014‘ book (is Dutch for Railways). Also edited by De Alk and especially for those people who wish to know everything that happens on railways in Europe. As in the above mentioned book on trams, also this book has many good photos. But a bit too much pages this year. Too heavy. But still very complete.

I also just finished two good books (in Dutch): “Geloof je ogen” written by Linwood Barclay (in English “Trust your Eyes; not yet published ‘en français’). A very well written thriller with suspense, humor, action, and very important, a final plot which you discover on the last page of the book. Back to “old-fashioned” suspense, as thrillers should be. You should read this one.

The second book I read last week is “Alles wat overblijft‘ written by Elisabeth Haynes (in English “Human Remains”; not yet published ‘en français’). Also a thriller, although here you know the responsible almost from the beginning. The interesting thing from this book is that although many people die in this book, there are no murders as such. It is a different kind of book than you may read normally, but I found it interesting to read.


Several of my previous colleagues know that I consider IT as an art: the art to make useful and reliable solutions for businesses and consumers for an acceptable price. The art itself is to bring hardware, software and people together at the right moment in a professional way. The year 2013 almost finished, I wish to “throw” some of these items forward for 2014.

For businesses we may expect many items popping up: big data, the internet of things (translated by for example google glass, iwatch, …), mobile apps and data, the cloud and 3D printing. Some of the solutions that will be brought forward by these techniques, and by the related startups, will again be a breakthrough and will bring changes to the way we act and live. For example, I expect the ibeacon solution pushed by Apple to become a valuable asset for businesses.

For consumers, let’s check if Snapshat will still be the big thing for the youngsters. The same for Tinder. Both apps allow for further and more intense social interaction. In Holland, the Hyves social site did not survive in 2013.

It will also be interesting to see what happens with Nokia and Microsoft. Or with Blackberry and Microsoft. Blackberry is ‘out’ for the youngsters, but many large companies still use Blackberry material and software solutions.

And finally, let’s see what the digital financial world will bring us. Will the Bitcoin be our new currency? I have some doubts. Will the banks make further steps towards digital banking ? They must.

All of this will bring IT again some steps further. Still a very fine art, but luckily for all of us more and more mature, and hugely interesting.


During the Christmas period, and during the writing of this blog, I listen to the radio, and especially to the famous Top 2000.  I listen to the Dutch one, although I am convinced that every country has its own. In Holland, the top 2000 is on the air from December 25 to December 31. At the moment I write this text, they play number 1628 (“Koot en Bie: zoek jezelf“); a nice song from the seventies on “being yourselves”, only known in Holland :-).

On number 1 since years is the classical Queen song Bohemian Rhapsody. And a nice example of modern social media is that the full text was twittered a few days ago: check it here. A real interesting example. And I expect that the top 10 of 2013 will also be again in the top 10 of 2014.


Many new cars are expected in 2014. Next to the new Mini (partly build in Holland), we expect the new Mercedes C and GLA,  the BMW X4, i8,  2 coupé and CAT, Volkswagens new Golf Sportsvan, etcetera. And several new Japanese, French and Korean cars are also expected. Just to indicate that the era of normal cars (hatchback, sedan and van) is definitely over. Now almost every carmaker has SUV’s, SAV’s, and these also  in mini and maxi formats.

I expect also that cooperation modes will progress, such as the new Twingo from Renault and the new Smart from Mercedes, built on the same platform. And China will become more and more important for the European car manufacturers, as Europe in 2014 will still be in ‘regression mode’.


2014 will be again a wonderful year to come. Many expectations, challenges, cities, ideas, solutions and emotions. Thus doing nothing will therefore still be difficult for me. That’s for sure. By the way: my next blog on “doing nothing” will be published after returning from my trip to Australia, so towards begin of February.

Ensure that also in 2014 you have fun and that you stay cool with 2 feet on the ground. I wish you a happy new year in good health,


Trams 2014
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Alles wat overblijft
Top 2000
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Keep the customer satisfied

This morning I happened to listen to the radio, and one of my old favourites ‘The Boxer’ by Simon and Garfunkel was played.

It took me away to memories when I was finishing high-school in the Netherlands, and we were on a trip with several school camerades in Luxemburg, 1977. Many Simon and Garfunkel songs were played on the guitar by one of my friends, and we had a real nice time that summer.

That reminded me also how music has impact on memories. I imagine that many studies have been done on the effects of music on our lives: how the music puts us back to that period, or that we suddenly remember specific items we had forgotten over time. Some people do remember perfectly the texts, others do remember the music. It learns us also that we still do not know everything on how our memory works.

I jumped to iTunes and listened again to The Boxer song. And of course I listened also to all the other songs on the related album ‘Bridge over troubled water‘. Still fantastic songs: El Condor Pasa, The Bridge itself, Cecilia, you name them.

And of course also the song ‘Keep the customer satisfied’, because this is since ages the most important element for me when doing business. In all companies I’ve worked until now, and also in all departments I’ve worked, there is one element which is most important: keep the customer satisified. If it is in a bank, a telecom company, a logistics company, or in accounting, or in IT: it is the customer, external or internal, who is most important for us and pays for your job.

I am not sure if Simon and Garfunkel meant their song in the same way (check lyrics here) as all the marketing guys sell it to us in 2013. But to Simon and Garfunkel, their customers were you and me, the listeners to their songs.

And for sure, I am a satisfied customer of their music. And happy to be so, even after 40 years.

Take care,


Bridge over troubled water